Old Pirates Schooners

When admiral de winter’s sixteen dutch battleships were deployed to support another attempted invasion of ireland, they were intercepted off Camperdown on 11 october 1797 by admiral sir adam (later earl) duncan leading the n ore fleet of the same nominal force. In the failing light, and close to shoal waters that would enable the dutch to escape, duncan abandoned his attempt to form a line of battle and ordered his fleet to engage. The british came down on the wind in two roughly formed columns, smashing through the dutch Line before settling the battle with superior firepower at close quarters. As usual in anglo-dutch sea fights this was a costly affair: nine dutch ships were taken, including de winter’s flagship. The survivors escaped, but the invasion was abandoned. In august 1799 an anglo-russian landing at den helder captured most of the remaining seaworthy Dutch battleships. In the mediterranean st vincent’s iron will crushed the first signs of mutiny. He ordered the execution of two mutineers, hauled up to the yard arm by their shipmates, on easter sunday. The lesson was critical, because st Vincent’s fleet would be called upon to complete the Victories of 1797. In may 1798 napoleon bonaparte, conqueror of italy and among the most powerful men in France, launched an invasion of egypt with 36,000 men aboard 400 transports, a dozen battleships and other warships. Bonaparte seized malta from the knights of st John before pressing on to alexandria. Although this expedition had been the talk of europe, the destination remained unknown.

Old Pirates Schooners

The nile campaign of left toulon, a gale blew nelson off station, dismasting his flagship and sending 1798 his frigates back to gibraltar. When further intelligence arrived from london, having been driven out of nelson was reinforced with ten battleships, the cream of st vincent’s fleet. After a the mediterranean in 1797
Relentless pursuit which saw him miss the french for want of frigates and reach the british returned under
Nelson to find andfrustrate alexandria the day before bonaparte, nelson finally located the french battle a french invasion force the fleet in aboukir bay late on the afternoon of 1 august 1798.

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