Linear battle

Reverse and recovery: britain versus the world 1776-82 Insistence on trading with the american colonists. Consequently, in december 1780, britain declared war, and on 5 august 1781 a savage, bloody action took Place on the dogger bank between the escorts of two convoys. The british were Slightly more successful here and their convoy got through, while the dutch lost A battleship and put back to port. More significantly, the war allowed the british To capture the dutch west indian island of st eustasius, the key supply centre for The rebels, and, as a result, to annihilate dutch shipping. Unable to defend their Convoys, despite recent efforts to restore their fleet, the dutch suffered heavily. In Truth the stakes in sea warfare had risen so far that a battle fleet the same size as The saintes, 12april 1782. the one they deployed in 1652 was now only equal to 16 per cent of the british Rodney secured a great fleet. The lesson was clear: second-class navies would be crushed.

Action between the Frolic and the Wasp

Victory because his whole in the middle of 1781 a combined fleet of forty-nine battleships appeared Fleet was animated by the In the channel, but they achieved nothing. In december kempenfelt, who had Same aggressive spirit, a Common doctrine based on now been promoted to rear admiral, sailing in hms victory with twelve Close-range battle. Once the ships, took fifteen transports from a convoy escorted by a superior french fleet.

Linear battle had broken his De guichen, caught ahead and to leeward of his convoy, could only watch Faster ships, carronades and, In some ships, flintlocks while kempenfelt secured his prizes. Kempenfelt’s skill presented a stark Reverse and recovery: britain versus the world 1776-82 Contrast to the very ordinary performances of hardy, graves and others.

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