La republique’

Villaret’s montagne and across the bows of the jacobin, she fought both french propaganda claimed Broadsides, a rare feat, and shattered both ships. Despite the failure of his drill- she went down with her Doomed crew cheering ‘vive ground ambitions, howe’s attack ruptured the french line, creating a melee.

La republique’. In truth Villaret found part of his fleet closely engaged, most being too crippled to escape, their cries were more while the others lay to leeward and were trying to return. Running down to this prosaic, but the regime in disengaged body, villaret regained control and beat back into action to rescue paris needed some good News. (t. Whitcombe) Some of the disabled ships. Howe had a similar problem, and his flagship was partly disabled. Villaret rescued four or five ships, but had to leave six others as prizes, while the vengeur du peuple sank after a vicious battle with the Brunswick, fought out with the two ships grinding against each other. Howe’s Victory, celebrated as the ‘glorious first of june’ for want of a nearby land feature to give it a name, reasserted the royal navy’s mastery in battle.

English King Charles II Receiving the Fleet After the Battle of Sole Bay 1672

Having won a great victory after four days in sight of the enemy, howe, now 68 years old, was simply too tired to carryon. Unfortunately he was badly served by his staff, who allowed the french to get away with their crippled ships and

Failed to intercept the 117-ship convoy, depriving howe of the strategic fruits of his tactical success. In 1794 lord hood’s mediterranean fleet liberated corsica, captain horatio Nelson (1758-1805) losing the sight of one eye while serving ashore. In 1795 the French mediterranean fleet was defeated by the british under admiral hotham, in two battles notable for the insight, initiative and courage shown by Nelson.

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