battle came to a standstill

Among paint pots on deck. When l’orient blew up at 10p.m. the firing ceased for ten to fifteen minutes, with men on both sides stunned by the noise, awestruck and horrified by the spectacle. Then the british began firing again. By midnight only three french battleships had not surrendered. At this point the battle came to a standstill from sheer exhaustion, the british gun crews dropping asleep beside their cannon, while nelson, who had been struck on the forehead by a jagged piece of iron and concussed, was unable to maintain the battle. In the morning two french battleships, led by rear admiral villeneuve, escaped, the British being too disabled to pursue; the third ran aground and was burnt. Nine French battleships had been taken, and two destroyed. The fruits of victory. Nelson Took his fleet from aboukir in a letter to lord howe, nelson generously attributed his success at the bay to the bay of naples, battle of the nile to his captains, calling them his ‘band of brothers’. It was Where he persuaded the king another sign of his superior mind that although he belonged to lord hood’s Tojoin the war against More permissive school of tactics, nelson acknowledged howe as the leading France. Soon afterwards Captain thomas troubridge officer in the service, and praised the contribution that his signalling system had would lead a neapolitan made to tactical control. The failure to burn the french fleet at toulon in 1793, or Army into rome. Later the to destroy it at sea in 1795, had been rectified. Nelson had made the French conquered naples, Mediterranean a british lake, imprisoning bonaparte in egypt, and providing a Forcing the king, nelson and Lady hamilton back to focus for the creation of a second coalition by britain, austria and russia, with Sicily.

The 'Victorious' & 'Rivoli'

Continental involvement would not work, britain tried to create a grand alliance to overthrow france, but the second coalition lacked the necessary unity of purpose to do this. Nelson had achieved all that seapower could, and rather more, but victory at sea alone would not defeat france. After the nile nelson left a force to blockade egypt and went to naples, where he persuaded the king to join the war. Within weeks troubridge, at the head of the neapolitan army, had captured rome. Unfortunately the neapolitan troops then collapsed and nelson the value of sea power. had to evacuate the king to sicil~ after a popular uprising nelson restored royal captain sir sidney smith stops bonaparte’s invasion authority in naples, but he was recalled to england because of insubordination of syria at the crusader and his interference in local politics. fortress of acre, using his although trapped in egypt, bonaparte resumed his campaign in early 1799, ships to enfilade the french marching north to invest the crusader fortress of acre. Captain sidney smith’s trenches, landing marines and gunners to reinforce the squadron captured his siege train, which had been sent by sea, and landed it with turkish defenders, and capturing the french siege artillery which had been sent by sea. Later bonaparte claimed that smith had denied him his destiny.

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