economic strategy

Localforces this attack ended spanish control of the british recaptured the cape of good hope, and took curas:ao, buenos the region, and opened it up aires and montevideo, the last two temporarily. These moves were in part an for british commerce, attempt to find new markets for british exports. In the berlin decrees of securing the fundamental november 1806, which followed the annihilation of prussia, napoleon barred aim of the attack.

British trade from the continent. His object was to destroy the british economy, the basis of her ability to resist. The british imposed a counter-blockade, the ‘orders in council’, in january and november 1807. These began by prohibiting neutral ships, predominantly american, from trading between two french ports, but went on to demand that any neutral ship carrying cargo to france would have to stop in britain, unload and purchase a special licence. In effect, all continental ports controlled by the french were blockaded. Napoleon responded with the milan decrees of november and december 1807, which extended the blockade to cover neutral ships that had docked at british ports, or even submitted to the British ‘orders’. Once again he miscalculated. The british economy would weather the storm better than the french.

Niger & Tagus with Ceres, 6th January 1814

From 1807 napoleon complemented this economic strategy with a massive in 1807 the british went programme to build battleships all round his empire, from hamburg and den back to copenhagen and,
Unable to repeat nelson s helder to venice, by way of amsterdam, antwerp, flushing, the french bases, uombardment, landed an genoa, naples and venice. By 1812 this continental effort had produced an army andforced the neutral iImpressive force, but the impression did not go much beyond the paper on which danes to surrender their the ships were listed. Large battleships were of little moment when france, even fleet, together with the contents of the dockyard.

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