While the british battle fleet

While the british battle fleet was maintained at 250,000 tons, the french fleet was halved from 180,000 tons in 1815 to 84,000 in 1840. France had accepted her Naval role, well behind the british but far ahead of any other power.

Consequently her strategy and procurement had a somewhat schizophrenic Appearance, emphasizing frigates designed for commerce destruction and Battleships intended to break a british blockade, or act as a sea control force Against lesser states. While the combined russian battle fleets in the baltic and Black seas were consistently larger than the french, reaching nearly 160,000 tons In 1840, they were badly built of inferior timber, and usually a generation behind The latest western designs. In the 1830s the russian fleets caused some alarm in Britain, but france remained britain’s only significant rival at sea. The americans Built a few heavily armed battleships to break a british blockade and release Smaller ships to wage a guerre de course.

Rothesay Sail Ship

Simply because her security depended on the sea, britain had no desire to Share naval power with other states, and began to act as the ‘policeman’ of the Oceans within weeks of waterloo. When the americans and the russians began To talk about suppressing north african piracy, admiral lord exmouth took a Fleet to demand that algiers end piracy and the enslavement of christians.

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