The algerians capitulated

The Following day exmouth attacked. Supported by dutch ships, he manoeuvred in Close, knocked down the harbour defences, burnt the fleet and bombarded the Cit): although british casualties were high (16 per cent were killed or wounded), The algerians capitulated.

The use of british naval power in europe was restricted by the close franco-Russian alignment between 1815 and 1830, which led to the declaration of the British ‘two power standard’ in 1817 and stated that the royal navy should be Equal to the combined strength of the next two naval powers. This ‘standard’ admiral lord exmouth»‘Remained at the heart of british naval policy for a century. In 1823 the franco- anglo-dutch fleet attacking The harbour defences of Russian alliance re-established the absolutist regime in spain, despite british Algiers», 27 august 1816, Opposition. But the british prevented spain and her allies from recovering spain’s before burning the algerine American empire, which had been largely liberated by lord cochrane’s pirate fleet, and beginning a Mercenary fleets. As foreign secretary, george canning made it clear that the mortar bombardment.

gun frigate

British fleet provided the power behind the american monroe doctrine which The dey to surrender his Opposed european conquests in the americas.

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