Cape st Vincent

This gave the chief Towed into place by Steamers, demonstrating architect of british external policy between 1830 and 1850, lord palmerston, the The new-found offensive freedom to use naval power in europe. He supervised the creation of an Power offleets against old independent belgium by deploying a fleet in the channel both to force holland to Fortifications. (jean gudin) Relinquish her claims and to keep the french out of the area. In july 1833 Palmerston’s policy was advanced by captain charles napier, serving as a Mercenary in the portuguese civil war, who secured the triumph of the pro-british Regime off cape st vincent.

The sloop polacre Xebec

During the 1830s shell-firing guns, developed by the french artillerist general Henri paixhans, were introduced into service by the major navies. Although the Shells were inaccurate and often unreliable, they had the potential to destroy a Wooden warship in as many minutes as conventional cannon required hours. The First use of the new weapons suggested that they could change the strategic Balance between the land and the sea. A french squadron under admiral baudin Resolved a financial dispute with mexico by bombarding and capturing the last yearsof seapower under sail 1815-50 Fortress of st juan d’ulloa at vera cruz on 27 november 1838, and their success the campaign in syria, Was largely attributed to the shell guns. -4° In 1839-40 the fate of the ottoman empire hung in the balance.

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