Rebellious pasha of egypt

Palmerston also waged war on china between 1839 and 1843. To secure trade And access to far eastern markets he relied on the dynamic use of amphibious Power. Admiral sir william parker used indian navy steamships to tow british Battleships into the chinese rivers, where they knocked down major forts and Landed british troops who cut the grand canal that supplied beijing with rice.

The with no effective inland Communications in the Rebellious pasha of egypt, mehemet ali, had seized syria and palestine, built a Province the egyptian Powerful fleet, acquired the turkish fleet by treachery, and annihilated the garrison depended on the Ottoman army. With french political support he seemed set to overthrow the sea for supplies ands relief ultan. However, palmerston secured the support of russia, prussia and austria the successful amphibious Campaign waged by the To guarantee turkish independence, and directed commodore napier, who British cut them offfrom Conducted a brilliant amphibious campaign along the syrian coast. Command of alexandria, and used The sea enabled napier to cut off the egyptian army from its base, then the superior mobility to destroy British fleet attacked acre, their last stronghold, on 3 november 1840. During a their strong points in detail.

medium frigate

Heavy and accurate bombardment, the main egyptian magazine exploded. The Egyptians abandoned the town and retreated back into egypt. Within the month Napier had forced mehemet ali to restore his allegiance to the ottoman sultan, In the process destroying the french position in the middle east. Although the French had a large fleet in the mediterranean they were deterred from intervening By the speed of napier’s campaign, and the mobilization of british reserves. They Recognized that they would lose a maritime war.

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