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St george Evawajed

odmin, 07 Янв 2013

The combination of naval firepower and the tactical mobility of steam had Cracked open the shell of the celestial empire. Steam had expanded the strategic Power of the sea: the only limit to the range and projection of british power was The presence of navigable water.

Bay of 10 october: bay of st george Evawajed st andrew 10 october.

The capture of beirut was ibrahim pasha, the leading the campaign culminated in Achieved by a combination of egyptian general, whom he afull-scale attack on the Nvalpressure, turkish routed at boharsef on the fortress at acre, the last Troops led by a british ardali heights. Cut off egyptian strong point, on 3 Commodore, and lebanese from the surrounding november 1840. The object Rebels. From his base in the countryside, blockaded and was to open a breach in the North napier armed the short of supplies, the southern sea defences, Rebels, then advanced to meet egyptians abandoned beirut. through which the turkish Troops were to storm the City. In the event a shell from Thefleet detonated a large Magazine, causing such Devastation that the Egyptians evacuated the Fortress that night.

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