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The fastest sailboat in the world — «Hydroptere»

odmin, 10 Май 2013

«Hydroptere» created by a group of French engineers in order to show the different perspectives of sailing means of transportation on water. After all, this sailboat can accelerate to a speed of 55.5 knots, equivalent to 103 km / h

The fastest sailboat in the world - Hydroptere

In this case, it does not float on water, and floats above it .

The larger sailboat «Hydroptere» picks up speed, the higher it rises above the surface of the hydrofoil. As a result, the contact area of ​​the body of water is reduced to a minimum of 2 square meters. Flying sailboat «Hydroptere» since its inception, is regularly hit another record speed as for short distances, and the long ones. The new goal for this ship — as quickly as possible to overcome the distance between Los Angeles and Honolulu, the capital of the Hawaiian islands.

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